Releasing May 15th!

1 month(s) ago

Hey gamers! G C Network is releasing on May 15th, 2024! - Also, Here is a summary of most things discussed in our Anniversary Event:


Why May 15th?

 May 15th is the same date that we launched the very first version of G C Network, which we wanted to release this version also on the same date.


Will this be a full release?

Yes and no, we will explain. Most our systems are fully functional and ready, but we still want to start out with *ANOTHER* Alpha, Pre-Beta, and Beta phases. Though, this time around, since we have most things ready, these phases will last only a few weeks up to a month, until we can generate some data on the performance and bugs of our servers, and then slowly roll out more of the promised features, games and systems. - This will also help to not overwhelm our network with a lot of servers right from the start.


Will I have to go through the story mode before being able to actually play, like previously discussed in the other Q&A event?

No, we realized that this idea was just not fun. So, instead you will join straight into our Main Hub, and you will be able to play any game you choose. - Though, the quest line in the Main Hub will be locked until you progress the story mode from beginning (which makes sense, since we don't want you to skip 4 chapters).


What will happen to The Void update?

The Void challenges, puzzles and giveaways are still available, though we are updating The Void by adding more challenges, map changes, mechanics, etc. So, it might take some time before it's available again, and instead we will actually release it as an "Update" or an "Event" rather than just a placeholder while we work on other things, whilst the player (you) is restricted to a multi-step quest. - One thing to mention tho, once giveaway prizes are won, they will not be available again, meaning The Void will not restock on giveaways.


I heard that you guys had some complications with version support, so what versions are supported?

G C Network now supports Bedrock, Java, Forge, Lunar, Badlion, and ViveCraft versions: 1.8 to the LATEST Minecraft version. - Though, keep in mind that due to the way our servers operate, our base version is still 1.12.2, so you may encounter some bugs on versions older than 1.12, or may just not be able to use specific features on other versions. (An example of this would be the Simple Voice Chat Mod!)


Okay cool, but what games will be available?

  During the Initial launch you will be able to play...

- BuildIT!
- Skywars
- PvP Games
- Classic Games
- The Bridge
- Arcade Games
- Lobby Games
- Lobby Story Mode
- Lobby PvP
- Lobby Parkour
- Lobby Fishing
- Skyblock
- Survival Multiplayer (SMP)
- Creative
- Modded Games HUB (With some modded servers available. - To be announced!)


Nice, what else is new?

Well, when you join some basic features will be revamped but for the most part it will be the same. Though, we have a bunch of new maps coming, new cosmetics, and new game modes and minigames. Our entire backend system was revamped and recoded to ensure a smooth experience with interacting with our servers, though this is just some technical news that you don't directly interact with, but we changed a lot!


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