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About us

Meet the people who made this project possible and learn more about our story, history, vision, and company.

G C Network was established under the leadership of Sami (‘D00dy’) in May 2015, and it received its official licensing in December 2018. It all started as a small community focused on organizing gaming events. Over time, this evolved into creating content for a server hosting an extensive range of minigames, game modes, modded games, adventure maps, and events.

Our Story

G C Network began as a 14-year-old's dream. It was a dream fueled by the belief that anything the mind conceives can be turned into reality. This dream was all about uniting people and creating something extraordinary, something so remarkable that it would surpass all expectations.

As time went by, we made friends, gained some basic knowledge, and laid the first building blocks of our vision. Our journey began with a group of friends that included content creators, artists, animators, map creators, and gamers. We were on a path where there was still so much to learn.

G C Network, previously known as "G C Squad" or the "Golden Creeper Server," set out on a mission to create the world's very first all-in-one Minecraft server. We envisioned it as a hub for nostalgia, a factory for creative ideas, and a place for everything you could possibly imagine in the world of Minecraft Multiplayer. It would include every game mode, minigame, adventure map, and offer support for modded games and cross-platform play.

G C Network emerged to fill the void that other servers had left untouched for years. Our goal was to unite everyone under one roof and foster a welcoming and understanding community of gamers, creators, redstone engineers, developers, and, most importantly, friends.

As time passed, we rebranded to just "G C Network." During this journey, we fine-tuned our vision, gained more experience and knowledge in the field, and took a giant leap into this exciting project. While there is still much we have yet to discover, plenty of room for improvement, and countless new ventures planned for the future, one thing remains certain: G C Network has no intentions of slowing down.

We are committed to our mission, and unlike some platforms that reset worlds or shut down less popular or inactive servers, we have a different approach. Our goal is to revive those cherished old games from the past, breathing new life into them. G C Network was created by players, for players, with the aim of providing a warm and inviting home for everyone.

Honorable Mentions:

This project wouldn’t be possible without your support; you inspire us and keep us motivated. Your enjoyment of the content we produce serves as a constant reminder of our purpose.

In our "Honorable Mentions" section, we want to express our gratitude to every member of our community and our team, both past and present. Their contributions have been invaluable, and without them, none of this would have been possible.

  • x313

  • PotencialPlays

  • FireCraft

  • Spacella

  • Zoon20x

  • HyperAim

  • Sketch

  • Rotom_1987

  • TeamDensmore

  • BlazingNoot

  • Stitch

  • DFlash

  • PoeticNightmares

  • WileBgingy

  • Nexeler

  • Mine12King

  • MrEnderChest

  • Niranta

  • A_Zelda

  • Benjephenet

As well as all members of Lightning, Frost, and Fire-wielders, Moon Squad and G C Squad. (The original MCIG groups)

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Time Capsule - Take a look at our past!

Did you know you can experience all of our old game modes, lobbies and maps in our Archives server in-game?

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